Expert Electrolysis for Lasting Smoothness

Proudly serving the Sunset Beach, NC community with care.

Unwanted hair brings discomfort and self-consciousness into your life. Charlene is here to provide you with a comfortable, effective solution through electrolysis, tailored just for you. Let her help you regain your confidence with gentle, precise treatments.


Discover the Porch Swing Difference

Where comfort meets lasting results.

Personalized Care

Every treatment plan is tailored to your unique skin and hair needs, ensuring the best possible results.

Lasting Smoothness

Enjoy the confidence of smooth, hair-free skin with advanced electrolysis treatments.

Professional Expertise

Licensed, certified and experienced electrologist with the latest techniques for safe, effective and permanent treatments.

Seeking lasting hair removal solutions?

Discover the gentle touch of Porch Swing Sunset.

Porch Swing Sunset combines state-of-the-art electrolysis techniques with a warm, personal approach to hair removal. Charlene will tailor treatments to meet your unique needs, ensuring a comfortable experience from start to finish. Your trusted partner in achieving smooth, hair-free skin.


Meet Charlene Poole

Your expert electrologist at Porch Swing Sunset.

Charlene Poole brings over 37 years of expertise to Porch Swing Sunset, leveraging advanced techniques with the Apilus xCell for customized care.

She is one of the few certified and licensed electrologists in North Carolina. Charlene is also a mentor, shaping the future of electrolysis.


Embrace Your True Self

Discover the comfort and confidence of professional electrolysis.